Pavlo Bazilinskyy

Early Stage Researcher 6, Delft University of Technology

Pavlo joined the Department of Biomechanical Engineering in August 2014 as a Marie Curie Fellow in the HF Auto project. He is working on the development of a human-machine interface (HMI) for highly automated driving, with a focus on the auditory modality.

Pavlo received a degree of Erasmus Mundus Double MSc in Dependable Software Systems from the University of St Andrews (Scotland) and Maynooth University (Ireland). He obtained a title of a Bachelor of Engineering at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences (Finland) in 2012, specialising in Information Technology. Before moving to Finland he also completed the first year of a BSc in Computer Science programme in the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in Ukraine.

For many years Pavlo’s specialty was Software Engineering, but he has developed a particular interest in Artificial Intelligence. Close to the end of his Master’s degree he realised that he was especially passionate about perhaps the most creative part of Computer Science – User-centric Design. Pavlo enjoys working with inter-disciplinary projects and he is not afraid of accepting new challenges, especially if the results can potentially impact the whole world and save millions of people.


  • Automated Driving – Autonomous Vehicles – Intelligent Drive Systems
  • Human-Machine Interfaces – Auditory Interfaces
  • User-Centred Design
  • Software Systems – Dependability of Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence

Project interests (to be updated in August)

  • Development of an HMI that will be able to support the operator of the future highly automated vehicle by means of directional auditory feedback provided via speakers in the vehicle cabin.
  • The interface shall be capable of intuitively guiding the operator during platooning and transient manoeuvres such as joining or leaving a platoon, lane changes and merging.
  • Validation of the developed HMI concepts by means of behavioural observation. The prototype will be evaluated using volunteers, in a driving simulation / VR context.
Key Publications
  1. Bazilinskyy, P., & De Winter, J. C. F. (2015). Auditory interfaces in automated driving: an international survey. PeerJ Computer Science.
  2. Bazilinskyy, P., Kyriakidis, M., & De Winter, J. C. F. (2015). An international crowdsourcing study into people’s statements on fully automated driving. In Proceedings of AHFE, 2015.
  3. Jeon, M., Bazilinskyy, P., Hammerschmidt, J., Hermann, T., Landry, S., & Wolf, K. E. (2015). Report on the in-vehicle auditory interactions workshop: taxonomy, challenges, and approaches. In Proceedings of AutomotiveUI, 2015.

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