Veronika Petrovych

Early Stage Researcher 4, VTI

Veronika has completed her Bachelor in Psychology at Kyiv National Linguistic University in Ukraine in 2011. After that, she received a scholarship from German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) to study Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. She completed her M.Sc. degree in November 2013 and joined the HF Auto project at the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute(VTI) in Linköping, Sweden. She is currently working on visual interfaces for highly-automated vehicles.

Veronika is PhD candidate in Cognitive Science under supervision of Prof. Nils Dahlbäck at the Department of Computer and Information Science of the Linköping University and Dr. Magnus Hjälmdahl from VTI.

  • Driver-car interaction
  • Human-centered automation
  • Trust in automation
  • Visual attention and perception