Dr.ir. Riender Happee

Project Manager - Supervisor, Delft University of Technology

Riender Happee investigates automated driving, automotive human factors and biomechanics at TU Delft. He coordinates HFAuto and is project manager of the Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative (DAVI). Between 1992 and 2007 he held positions as product manager and research manager at TNO Automotive in the field of road safety, injury biomechanics and crash simulation. He received his MSc in Mechanical Engineering (1986), followed by a PhD (1992) at TU Delft.


  • Road Safety
  • Automated Driving
  • Human Factors
  • Driver modelling
  • Biomechanics

Project interests

To define levels of highly automated driving with apparent benefits in terms of safety, transport efficiency while using travel time in a meaningful and pleasant manner.

To predict benefits and risks of automated driving, addressing the human interaction with automation in a systematic manner.