Lee Skrypchuk

Associated Partner, Jaguar
Associated Partner

I completed a Batchelors degree in Electronics & Computing at the Nottingham Trent University followed by a Master degree is Display Technology, Systems & Applications at Dundee University.

I then joined Alpine Electronics in 2003 working on the development of touchscreen interfaces for use on Jaguar & Land Rover Products.  This development was unique in that it was the first to make use of Macromedia Flash in an OEM production environment and I was solely responsible for the development of this element.  I have always taken a keen interest in displays and was also responsible for developing display concepts with Jaguar Land Rover Research.

In 2007 I left Alpine and joined Jaguar Land rover Research working on Human Machine Interface systems with a specialism in Display Technology.  Here I worked on a number of technology projects including Dual View, Haptic Interface Technology and introduced optical performance modelling to the business.

In 2011 I was promoted to position of Human Machine Interface Technical Specialist where I focus on researching future interface technologies for us on Jaguar Land Rover products.  This covers all technical aspects of interface technologies such as engineering, human factors and psychological aspects. I have since been technical lead on projects such as Head up Display, Driver Facing Camera, 3D display’s and am responsible for future technology research roadmaps in this subject area.  I am currently studying for a PhD in engineering from the University of Cambridge.


Future Interface technologies for Premium Vehicles

  • Advanced Input & Output systems
  • HMI as a System
  • Understanding User Needs & Managing Interface Distraction
  • The Impact of Autonomous Systems

Human and Interface Performance