Bo Zhang

Early Stage Researcher 11, University of Twente

Bo Zhang will join the Faculty of Engineering Technology, department VVR at the University Twente in January 2016 as a Marie Curie Fellow in the HF Auto Project. Aiming to investigate human interaction with automated driving in cars and trucks, she focuses on the Transition of Control in automated driving and on differences between drivers in their response to take over control and response to unexpected situations. The focus is on prediction when the driver is ready to take back control, with a link to situational awareness.

Bo graduated from the Technical University of Munich in September 2015 with the M.Sc degree in Human Factors Engineering. In her master thesis, she investigated airline pilots’ visual behavior during manual approach and landing, as well as its relationship with manual flying performance. Before starting her study in Germany, she obtained her B.Sc degree in Industrial Design at Harbin Institute of Technology in 2011.


  • Human factors
  • Eye-tracking systems
  • Cognitive engineering
  • Situation awareness in automated driving