Bastiaan Petermeijer

Early Stage Researcher 5, Technische Universität München

Bastiaan obtained his M.Sc. in BioMechanical Engineering – Automotive (cum laude) at the Delft University of Technology in March 2014. In his master thesis he researched the effect of systems that provided force feedback on the steering wheel of cars. Since April 2014, Bastiaan is working as a PhD researcher at the Technische Universität München at the lehrstuhl für Ergonomie. He is part of the Marie Curie ITN HFauto project investigating human factors in highly automated driving.


  • Human factors
  • Human Machine Interaction – Haptic Interfaces
  • Highly Automated Driving – Cooperative Driving

Project interests

Work package 2 ‘will develop a multimodal human-machine interface (HMI) supporting the operator of the future highly automated vehicle. The interface shall intuitively guide the operator during platooning and transient manoeuvres such as joining or leaving a platoon. The new HMI shall support the human-to-vehicle instruction as well as multimodal vehicle-to-human semantic information and status feedback during highly automated driving’ (Annex I). ESR 5 will focus on the haptic modality (e.g. vibrations or force feedback) and the multimodal integration of the HMI. At the end of the project a demonstrator of the HMI in cooperation with the driver state inference of WP3 will be prepared.

Research activities

  • Literature research of the current haptic Human-Machine Interfaces that support the operator in highly automated driving and transient manoeuvres.
  • Develop a haptic HMI to allow intuitive human-to-vehicle communication of human initiated change in automation mode, human intentions/goals.
  • Develop a haptic HMI to provide vehicle-to-human communication of the automation status, change in automation mode, and automation intentions/goals.
  • Evaluate the haptic HMI using simulator studies